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Zybtster's Music Blog Link and Wiki

Page history last edited by zybtster 9 years, 2 months ago

If you are looking for Zybtster's Music Blog, please click this link:  Zybtster's Music Blog 




Otherwise, Welcome to ZYBTSTER's WIKI!


Other Great Ideas to be added later!          

  • Mostly about history, music, languages, and some computer ideas.  My basic interests. I have also been developing quite a lot of information about the Deseret Alphabet, an alternative phonemic script for English, developed by Brigham Young. You may wish to go to my primary website noted below.


Here are some links that illustrate further who I am, and what I do:

  •  My Primary Website is www.zybtster.com. I have another website (about Arizona history only) at East Central Arizona History.  It is located at the Zybtarizona.com domain.  I also maintain the site for the Gila County Historical Society.  My normal email can be found at my primary website.  However, If you wish to contact me by email through this wiki you must register for this "workspace" first.  To do so, click on the option "log in" on the upper right of this page.  You will be taken to the log in page, and at the right of that page it will give you an option to "contact the workspace owner".  Then you can enter the info needed, and I can then register you.  

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